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Nov. 24, 2014. Please make sure you patch, run your DaredevilRO Patcher to be able to connect.

DDRO is back!

Hello Daredevils!


It's been a while. For the past few months, DaredevilRO has been unstable, and should I say, uncertain. We've had several server-ending problems, starting with the unwelcomed 2014 update which forced players to download a 2GB client, then to our hosting provider running away without notice. It sure is one hell of a year, isn't it? Good thing is, the year still isn't over. And I will make it up to everyone. So yeah, to make it simple, all your data is intact, accounts, characters and items. The forums have been restored. DaredevilRO is back, and is (will be) better than ever. Now let me explain what makes it better this time around;


* The server in general, is more financially stable now. With changes to keep it that way.


  * First off, I am not the only one who owns the server now. Someone else deals with the server's finances.

  * We're hosting the server under a beastly dedicated machine, with E3 Xeons and SSDs on RAID.

  * The extra resources we have will be used to run several other gaming servers, and website hosting.

  * We may struggle a bit in the first few months, but in the long run, DDRO will be secure, financially.


* Availability and priority changes. Most of which applies to me.


  * I will be online and reachable at least 12 hours a day (18 hours at most).

  * As I am planning to start a managed webhosting / VPS / Cloud Hosting service, availability is paramount.

  * You might be able to notice a slight change in my attitude, but it's all in a positive and more professional way.

  * I will devote the rest of 2014 to starting and setting up everything in this business, so I'll always be around.

  * Everyone will be treated as if you were paying customers, just please, do not try and piss me off intentionally.


* Server updates, changes and policy / rule revamps.


  * Starting off with the changes, everything donor-exclusive has been removed. (Yeah, GM levels & charms too!)

  * ETA first week of Oct, at least 20 new 3D mobs and 1 custom instance will be added, intended for 3rd Jobs.

  * ETA Oct, 100+ Official Headgears will be added. Effects / slots will be kept normal, intended for 2nd Jobs.

  * We'll be removing ALL trade restrictions on donate items. You can sell / trade yours freely, plus...

  * After I finish out all the details, Real Money Transactions will be allowed (PHP / USD / Game Cards). 


* Productiveness and other Misc. Changes.


  * DaredevilRO Forums has been updated to the latest version, IPB 3.4.6.

  * It has been redesigned, now with a quick and sleek black theme. Please tell me you like it.

  * You will notice a new Category, above the News forums. It'll contain 5 latest posted threads.

  * Tickets System has been added. Here you can submit trouble tickets, useful for confidential information.

  * The new Tickets System will be the best way to submit questions that you want to ask me directly.


Alright, that's a whole lot to take in. But I guarantee everything above is accurate. There's still a future for DDRO. So, for one last time, I ask everyone to put their trust on me once again. I want the server to continue, and I will make sure it does. With everything this server has gone through, who would expect it to still be online, but it is! Welcome back, Daredevils!


- Vince (The Devil)